MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Product Model

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Application Scenarios

It is widely used in new energy systems, home office equipment, vehicle and ship equipment, electric tool equipment, etc.

Product Features

  • Using advanced microchip MCU & advanced intelligent photovoltaic tracking technology (MPPT), which can significantly improve the photovoltaic energy utilization rate of the system, and the tracking efficiency is >99%
  • Using imported semiconductor devices and advanced circuit design, the controller has high conversion efficiency
  • Support -48V battery system, suitable for industrial applications such as mobile base stations, support high-voltage DC system (220V DC and above)
  • Support DC output function, convenient for users to use DC load (48V system optional)
  • LCD human-machine interface: display photovoltaic voltage, photovoltaic current, battery voltage, charging current and ambient temperature
  • Flexible usage, setting system parameters through human-machine interface or communication (optional)
  • Protection functions: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over temperature protection, lightning protection, anti-reverse protection, etc
  • Modular design, suitable for high current charging requirements
  • Provide lifetime technical support

Technical Specifications

DC Input
Nominal Battery Voltage [VDC] 48 216
No-load Consumption [W] <2.4 <11
PV Input
Max. PV Input Voltage [VDC] 150 500
MPPT Voltage Range [VDC] 60~140 250~450
Recommended PV Module Power [kWp] 1.6 2.8 26
Number of PV Strings 1 2
Charging Current Limit Setting Optional
MPPT Tracking Efficiency >99%
DC Output
Nominal Output Current [A] 30 50 100
Battery Overcharge Protection Voltage [VDC] 62 265
Temperature Compensation -5mV/cell/(Optional)
Input Protection Lightening Protection
Output Protection Output Polarity Reverse Protection, Overcharge Protection, Overdischarge Protection, Overload Protection, Shortcircuit Protection
Operating Environment
Operating temperature [] -20~+50
Storage Temperature [] -30~+70
Relative Humidity ≤95%(RH)No Condensation
Ingress Protection IP20 (Indoor)/IP54 (Outdoor)
Max. Altitude [m] ≤5000(>1000 Derating)
Noise [dB] (@1m) <50
General Data
Display LCD
Convection Type Forced air cooling
Communication Interfaces RS485(Optional)
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
Ingress Protection IP20
Dimension (L*W*H) [mm] 230*160*70 362*230*114 524*550*750
Packing Dimension (L*W*H)[mm] 280*210*125 412*280*170 585*610*900
Weight (kg) 5 10 60
Packing Style Carton

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